Why Simplicity is KEY for your Company Website

21August 2020

Why Simplicity is KEY for your Company Website

When you’re trying to make your website stand out, it’s logical to think that a complex, visually pleasing design is what you should be aiming for. After all, what else grabs your attention more than a flashy, intricate animation? However, studies have actually shown that simplicity is favored much more than flashy designs. Therefore, if you’re looking to create a site that really pleases your visitors, keeping it simple is key.

Familiarity is more likable

People feel more comfortable and happier with something if it is familiar. This same principle applies to web design. While there is a staggering amount of websites out there, most follow a fairly simplistic design element. The images and content used may differ, but the style tends to follow a set pattern.

Take the navigation bar for example. While the number of pages included in the navigation differs between sites, some of the most basic include an ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’ and ‘FAQ’. The main menu is usually shown at the top right hand side of a page – or the top center of the page. This is something your visitors are familiar with. So if you choose to opt for a wackier, more unique layout with the navigation menu further down the page and designed inside of… let’s say “bubbles,” it will lead to confusion.

Saving brain power

Let’s be honest. When you go onto a company’s website, you don’t really want to have to work hard for the information you’re looking for do you? More complex websites require the brain to work harder in order to digest the information provided. Simple websites on the other hand are easy to navigate through and it’s more relaxing for the brain to read through the information provided.

Short, simple content

It isn’t just the layout and the images that should be simplistic. You should also make sure your content is easy to read too. This means avoiding technical jargon and making sure you stick to short, concise paragraphs. You may think it’s a good idea to show off your intricate knowledge of your sector, but in reality all this will do is confuse the visitor. They much prefer a more conversational, simple dialogue.

Ironically, simplicity is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish when it comes to company websites. However, it could make a massive difference in keeping visitors around longer.

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