Website Design Secrets: Using SEO to Your Site’s Advantage (2 of 3)

13August 2020


Once a website has reached a certain age that Google believes it can trust, it will then start to determine the authority of this page. Google does this by seeing how many other sites have linked to the sites, and the authority of those sites. If for instance, the American Heart Association linked to another health-related page, Google would place that website in a higher search ranking, because the site with greater authority – the AHA – already had authority with them.

Think of every link to your website as a vote for your website. If that vote comes from a private individual, it may not mean as much and may not get you the search rankings you’re looking for. But if that vote comes from an established and authoritative website, it will mean much more to Google – and to your site.

Building authority can be very difficult, especially for brand new websites. But business owners should make an ongoing effort to continually get links to their websites to build that authority and increase their search engine rank.

Content is king

Never get tired of hearing this phrase that has become somewhat cliché with the web design world because it’s not going anywhere for a long time, if ever. It’s true. Content is the most important aspect of any website and for a long time, website owners simply pushed content onto their site as quickly as possible, regardless of the quality of it.

But that’s a game that can no longer be played. Google has come up with many ways to identify SEO scams, and websites that are just crammed with irrelevant and useless content is one of them. Content is important, and it’s also just as important that the content is updated regularly, not just posted one time and then left to sit and grow stale for years to come. But even more important than any of this is that website content needs to be helpful, informative, and useful to readers. Google’s main goal is to deliver this type of content to users and when it doesn’t find it, it will quickly lower the search engine ranking of websites that don’t help them provide it.

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