Website Design Secrets: The General Layout (3/5)

10August 2020

Continued from – Website Design Secrets: The General Layout (pt. 2)

Tight typography

When users visit your website they won’t know about the sketch you made beforehand, or the grid you used to get perfect placement. But one of the first things they’ll notice is the typography, or fonts, used.

The trend for fonts is starting to lean towards bigger and bolder, but this really only works if the rest of the website is kept clean with minimal text and other elements. If the homepage of your website does have a lot of information, including text, video and images, you’ll need to use smaller fonts to keep the page from looking too cluttered.

You’ll need to play around with different types of fonts before deciding on the one that’s perfect for you and your site. But there is one rule of thumb to remember: try not to use more than two different fonts on any one page. Doing so will only bring confusion to the page and make it look tacky.

Coherent color themes

Even if you love every color of the rainbow, it doesn’t mean that they should use every single one on your website. Colors will bring life to your website and make certain sections pop, but you have to be careful when using them.

The best way to begin choosing a color for your website is to look at the business itself. Does the company logo have certain colors in it? That’s a great place to start because it will bring cohesiveness and continuity to not only the website, but to the brand as a whole.

While a logo can be a great starting point in any website color scheme, it’s not necessary to restrict yourself to just that. Including additional colors can be a great way to make a website’s design even more interesting and appealing to users, you just have to know how to do it properly. Start by choosing colors that match those you’re already using, such as those within the logo and work from there.

Always be careful when it comes to colors, however. Never use colors that may be irritating to the users, or that simply don’t make sense on the page. Just because you like neon green, doesn’t mean that everyone will feel the same way.

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