Website Design Secrets: The General Layout (1/5)

10August 2020

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Every great website starts with a great layout. The layout includes many different aspects of the website including where the navigational menu will be placed, what kind of typography will be used, and the colors you’ll use. There’s a lot to remember, but each aspect of the layout is very simple to create and/or change and a great layout is the first step to getting a professional design that users will love.

Define a purpose

Most local businesses will create a website with the purpose of generating more leads and getting more customers. But putting that on your homepage will not only turn people off, it also won’t give those potential customers anything to work with. You need to ask yourself what your customer will be looking for when they land on your site.

Are they looking for products? If so, you’ll need your homepage to clearly show where they can navigate to find those products. Is the purpose of your website to entertain? You may want to place images and videos on your homepage. And if it’s information visitors will be looking for, you’ll also need to place the most important information right on the homepage.

Get a website journal

When you first set about creating a great website design, the chances are that you’ll have many different ideas. Some of these will be great, and some of them won’t be. You definitely don’t want to have one of those awesome ideas only to forget it when you’re bogged down with other aspects of the design.

For this reason, anyone who is trying to improve or create a great web design should have a journal where they can jot down different notes so they’ll never be forgotten. You don’t have to, and in fact shouldn’t, use every idea that ends up in the journal. But it’s a great way to start brainstorming, sort things out, and keep those great ideas front of mind when you get a bit deeper into the design process.

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