Website Design Secrets: Generating Leads on Your Website (3/3)

10August 2020

Continued from – Website Design Secrets: Generating Leads on Your Website (pt.2)

Add useful videos

Video has already been talked about quite a bit within this report, but it’s for good reason – video works, plain and simple. However, there is a caveat that comes with this. Videos, just like any other aspect of web design, need to be used properly and strategically. Simply posting a video that’s one big ad for your company won’t work. You need to speak to your customer and not at them. Ads generally talk at the user, but a useful guide, how-to or even a question and answer period will give them helpful information that they can actually use.

When used properly, videos within a website can be highly effective. Because they make users feel more informed and confident of their purchase, business owners that incorporate them into their web design typically see higher conversion rates and more generated leads than those that do not.

Use powerful words

This goes along with the ‘content is king’ line of thought. You should fill your content, especially in your call to action, with words that make the user feel empowered. Words like ‘get’, ‘feel’, and ‘have’ are strong, active powerful words that will spark the user to feel something and due to that feeling, will persuade them to do something. The words you choose have a huge impact on how many leads your website generates.

Leave some room

When someone walks into your business, do you constantly talk to them leaving no room for pauses in the conversation? Of course you don’t. And do you follow them around while they try to make a decision? Probably not. You probably make your pitch and then leave them alone for a few minutes to let them sort out the information, check out your services or browse your products.

This concept also applies to your website. While it’s tempting to fill every space on your website with information, it’s not very effective. Leaving whitespace can help emphasize certain content, photos or call to action buttons. Without it, your webpage will not only look cluttered, but it can also detract from the most important aspects of the website you want to draw attention to. So resist the temptation to fill up every last space. It’s unnecessary effort on your part, and your website will be better off without it.

Creating auto-responders

Auto-responders are emails that are automatically sent to a customer’s email address once they have taken a particular action on your site, such as subscribing to your newsletter. These can be a great way to generate leads and turn that first interaction into an ongoing relationship.

There are many types of auto-responders that are very effective at getting a company more leads and turning potentials into bona fide customers. Examples of auto-responders could be thank you emails, welcome emails, and follow-ups that include reminding the customer of sales, promotions, or simply the call to action you want them to take.

Setting up auto-responders is very simple and can be done with an auto-responder program such as:

Test and test and test

Every business is unique, and while one element of lead generation will help one business take off, it can also prove to be ineffective for another business. The bottom line is that you don’t know which of these tips will work for your business until you try them. And even if one element, such as incorporating testimonials, works very well, there may be another one that works even better. The chances are that before your website was live, it underwent a number of tests to ensure it was working properly.

The same is true for lead generation tactics. You need to try one and test it to see how it performs. Then try another, and leave it on your website to test that one. You never really know what will work and what won’t until you start testing the many different elements.

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