Website Design Secrets: Generating Leads on Your Website (1/3)

10August 2020

Continued from – Website Design Secrets: The General Layout (pt. 5)

Every business owner wants to generate leads from their website. For many, it’s their entire reason for having a website. But you need more than a dynamic design and outstanding content in order to do it.

When it comes to generating leads on your website, you can either choose to have one lead-generating landing page, or you can include a lead generation tool on each and every page. Whichever you choose, it’s important that you do lead generation right, so that you not only get all those leads you want, but that you also increase your site’s trust factor, credibility and authority. Below are the best practices to use to help you do just that.

Think about your end goal first

Just like you had to consider your website’s purpose before designing or redesigning it, you also have to do this when it comes to lead generation. What type of leads are you trying to get? Is it someone who buys something as a first-time customer? Or someone that calls the company for more information or to order a service? Do you want people to sign up for your newsletter, or do you want them to fill out a form? Knowing what your end goal is will help you better determine elements such as call to action placements, form sizing, and more.

Make your contact number clearly visible

While you may wish to include your contact information in small print at the bottom of a webpage, your phone number should be much more clearly displayed. This holds true for all websites, even those providing a digital service such as a web host, or running an e-commerce store. Even if you don’t expect customers to ever call you, having a contact number displayed will instill trust in customers and make the business seem more credible.

Don’t force customers to write the number down

This is most important for local businesses that do want and expect customers to call. Customers today are on their smartphones a lot. And as we already know, they use those smartphones whether they’re out in the neighborhood looking for a business or whether they’re at home doing a simple search.

Contact numbers are a lot less effective when the customer is forced to write the number down, close out of their search and manually input the number into their phone. Don’t make them do this! Make the contact number a clickable button that users can just click on and press one button to make the call. This will have leads coming in far quicker than simply displaying the number.

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