Website Design Secrets: Creating a Killer ‘About Us’ Page (2 of 2)

13August 2020

Continued from: Website Design Secrets: Creating a Killer ‘About Us’ Page (pt.1)

Include real, live people

This doesn’t mean that you have to include a chat box within your ‘About Us’ page. The chances are that if you have a chat or message box, it appears on every page of your website anyway. But it does mean that you have to not only talk about yourself, but also show yourself. Include pictures of staff members, events that your company has either hosted or attended, or even of clients that you have helped.

Remember, this is your ‘About Us’ page, and so it’s time to talk about you! You’ll most likely dedicate the rest of your website to talking about your customer and their needs (or at least you should), so this is your one and only chance to really let them get to know all about you!

Don’t keep the talk revolving around the business alone

As a business owner, you probably eat, breathe and sleep your business. And if you have really dedicated staff members, they might too. But let’s be honest. Not every single second of anyone’s day is dedicated to their work, and the ‘About’ page is a great place to show some personality.

So don’t be afraid to be quirky and fun on your ‘About’ page, and feel free to go ahead and allow staff members to include their personal hobbies and interests within their bio. Remember, this is a chance to let your customers get to know everything about you, so you don’t have to keep it entirely formal or business-focused.

Don’t forget to talk about the company

While it’s okay to show your fun side on the ‘About’ page, remember that visitors are still coming here to learn more about the company – so don’t forget to talk about it! While you don’t have to keep it super formal, you should still include some talk about what the company does.

Don’t be afraid to highlight the things you’re really proud of. That may be that you offer outstanding customer service times, the diversity of your staff members, or how many people you have working in each department. There is likely something that you brag to new customers about the first time you meet them, and the ‘About’ page is a great place to do it!

Include a call to action

About 90% of all ‘About’ pages do not include a call to action and this is a big mistake. Why make the effort to be so fun and quirky and inform potential customers about what you can do for them without providing them with a way of doing it?

Now is the time that you have your visitors’ attention, so make the most of it by giving them a call to action to act upon! If you don’t, they’ll have to click back, possibly through multiple pages, and they may lose that momentum and excitement and possibly, their excitement in the meantime.

When you provide a form or other call to action along with the pertinent details, visitors won’t even have to open a new tab to contact you. And that can make a world of difference between simply traffic to your site, and conversions through your website.

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