Website Design Secrets: Creating a Killer ‘About Us’ Page (1 of 2)

13August 2020

The ‘About Us’ page on your website isn’t just another page to fill web space; it’s one of the most important pages on your website. This is where visitors will go to learn more about your business, what you do, what you can offer them, and who you really are as a company. Too many businesses simply jot down a short, impersonal message about what their company does and leave it at that. But this is a big mistake.

Your ‘About Us’ page is a chance for you to establish trust between you and your customer, communicate key facts and ultimately, create a relationship between you and every single visitor your website gets. It’s also the first place most visitors will go, especially if they’ve never been to your website before. Below are some ideas to get you started on making a killer ‘About Us’ page so that soon, customers don’t only know about you, but you’re the first place they turn when they need your product or service.

A mission statement

Your business may have a mission statement already and if it doesn’t, you should create one. A mission statement is a short statement that tells the customer what the company’s purpose is, how it operates, the kind of product or service it provides, and the fundamentals of the company. In short, it lets the customer know quickly what they can expect from the company, and why providing the product or service is so important to the business.

By the time the visitor has landed on the ‘About Us’ page, the chances are good that they already have a basic idea of what the company does. For instance, it’s unlikely they would land on a real estate company’s ‘About Us’ page if they were looking for a tailor in the area. For this reason, the page shouldn’t just tell customers what you do, but rather why it’s important to you.

For instance, if a company was an app creation company that had just designed a new app, their mission statement likely would not say, ‘We’re the company that created the OrganizeIt app,’ and leave it at that. But it might say, ‘We want to make your life easier and more organized than ever before. We get excited about creating new features and products that will organize the details, so you can get on with the rest of your life.’

The difference is that the former mission statement is very formal and more importantly, doesn’t convey any emotion at all. The latter on the other hand, is inspiring and makes the customer feel something, which may turn them into a conversation rather than one more statistic to add to the website’s bounce rate.

If you’re unsure of what your mission statement should be, ask yourself a few questions. Why does your company do what it does? How do you help your customer? What problem do you solve? How can you explain your work without using any jargon that those not in the industry can still understand?

One of the key ideas behind a mission statement is that it’s just that – a statement, not a novel. Keep it to no longer than two sentences and you’ll get that clear, concise content every website should be after.

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