Website Design Secrets (Checklist)

10August 2020

Website Design Secrets (Checklist)


Use this checklist along with the Website Design Secrets report to ensure a powerful and profit producing website.

  • A general purpose for the site (while this won’t be on the actual website, it’s important to keep in mind for every page you create)
  • A sketch of what the website will look like (again, this won’t go on the actual site but will make creating the layout much easier)
  • A grid
  • Templates, either custom or pre-designed
  • Tight fonts/typography
  • A coherent color theme
  • Relatable Images
  • Navigation that is easy to follow and maneuver through
  • Calls to action
  • Dynamic content
  • A lead-generation page
  • Contact number that is clearly displayed on every page
  • Automatic call feature
  • Short forms on every page
  • Testimonials
  • Useful and value-driven videos
  • A dynamic ‘About Us’ page
  • Best Practice SEO tactics throughout the entire site

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