Website Design and Optimization for the Local Business:(19/25)

20August 2020

What is a sitemap, and do I need one?

A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. This typically starts as a written document that will be used to design the layout of your site, but it should also be included as a webpage on the actual site. And when it is, it should also list the different webpages in a hierarchical fashion.

Sitemaps are important. Not only do they allow the search engine crawlers to find the different webpages on your site, which will improve your ranking within those search engines, but customers will also use it when they’re looking for specific information. Without it, they may simply leave the site and go somewhere else.

You should especially consider having a sitemap if your site is very large, you have a lot of archived content pages, the site is new and only has a few external links, or your site is very media-rich.

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