Website Design and Optimization for the Local Business:(16/25)

20August 2020

What are some bad examples of web design?

Just like you should have an idea of what you like, you should also have some ideas of what you don’t like. You can go about this the same way you found the websites you like, but there are also some examples of bad web design that simply should never be used. These include:

  • Images that blink, spin or flash
  • Blinking or flashing text, especially more than one type on a page
  • Black backgrounds in general, whether you’re using light or dark text; it’s simply too hard to see
  • Background images that are far too busy such as tiled, especially when they’re used in conjunction with colored text
  • Having everything centered down the middle of the page
  • Including too many images, especially large images
  • Lists of links, as Google will flag this as an SEO scam and penalize the website for it
  • Too many headlines
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