Website Design and Optimization for the Local Business: (8/25)

20August 2020

What kind of videos should I post on my website?

With video being so popular on the web, you would think that any video is a good video. But that’s not true. Your videos still need to be relevant to your business, but that doesn’t mean they should always be advertising or promoting a product either.

People love stories, so creating a video that tells that story are ideal. This can be how your business got started, what inspired you to help others through your business, or even stories involving customers and/or your staff. Customer testimonials are great for this purpose, as in a customer explaining the problem they were having, and how your company and product solved that problem for them.

Product how-to videos are also great, especially if you have a product that requires a bit of explaining before its use. Maybe it’s a piece of furniture the customer needs to assemble on their own – a video is much easier to follow while doing it than a page of written instructions.

FAQs follow this same line of thought. If you’re always getting the same question from customers or a customer asks you something and you think ‘why didn’t I think to include that in the package?’ this would probably make a great video.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what kind of video you upload to your site, as long as they are useful, interesting, and relevant to your business. Once you start brainstorming, the chances are good that you’ll soon have more ideas for videos than you possibly have the time to actually create.

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