Website Design and Optimization for the Local Business: (7/25)

20August 2020

Why should I include video on my website?

As stated, Internet users today are media-focused. And while still images and pictures are good, videos are even better. They’re so good in fact, that social media sites have realized just how much users are viewing them and have included live video features so users can post a video about exactly what they’re doing at that exact moment.

But including video is good for so much more than just social media sites. And your website will reap many more benefits if you use it. Here are just some of the benefits including video can bring:

  • Higher ranking in Google. Google knows Internet users better than anyone else, and they know users want video. For this simple fact alone, Google will give a better ranking to websites that have video incorporated into their site. But Google also gives preference to websites that have longer ‘dwell times’, or the amount of time any given visitor is spending on your site. Dwell time is naturally longer with video than it is with text, so you don’t even have to very long videos. In fact short, compelling videos are more appealing to visitors.
  • Put a face to the business. Videos build credibility because they place a face next to the business. This makes users feel as though they already know the business a little better than one that simply places a logo and a few paragraphs on a page.
  • Give yourself an edge over the competition. While users will gravitate towards video rather than text, only half of businesses are using them on their website. When you incorporate video into your website, you will automatically give yourself an edge over the competition.

Appeals to mobile users. Video appeals to all internet users, but this is especially true when it comes to those accessing the internet through their smartphone. It can be frustrating to read tiny text on a small smartphone screen but videos appear larger, taking up the entire screen, and will perform better than a website filled with text – even if that site is customized for mobile.

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