Website Design and Optimization for the Local Business: (2/25)

20August 2020

How much does it cost to get a website?

This answer can vary anywhere from nothing at all to $10,000 or more. It will depend on how much of the work you want to do, are able to do, or are willing to do yourself. You may be able to do it all, or you may wish to get a web designer or developer that can do it all for you. When it comes to creating a website, you have a lot of options.

Using a website builder such as WordPress or Joomla, you could get a website at no cost, but it likely won’t be very professional-looking or give you all the options you want. You could even choose to still use WordPress, but upgrade it by using another web host so it will only show your business’ name (as opposed to This option can cost a bit more money, but you can still do it for as little as $10 a month. This is the option many small businesses use.

If you want a website with all the bells and whistles that involve extensive use of coding and really stands out in the ever-growing crowd of websites, you should hire a web designer. These professionals can give you a fully customized site that includes everything you want it to, with little to no effort on your part at all. Web designers are also valuable resources when it comes to the advice they can provide for your website. Hiring a professional doesn’t always mean that you have to set aside thousands of dollars; prices can start as low as $50. Just like anything else though, your website will give you as much as your budget can put into it.

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