The Rise of the Mobile Web: The advantages of the new world of mobile advertising

17August 2020

The Rise of the Mobile Web: The advantages of the new world of mobile advertising

Location, Location, Location

There have always been certain limitations to where and when it is appropriate to advertise. “Location, location, location” has long been a motto of the real estate world, but it can be used just as aptly in the realm of marketing and advertisement.

It’s the reason that you might see roaming candy vendors as appropriate at the ballpark, yet perceive them as something of a nuisance when you’re in the middle of your commute (City straphangers can attest).

You might be similarly (more) irritated if a shoe salesman banged on your bathroom door, and began hollering at you about BOGO deals and the benefits of insoles. The restroom is the most mundane of locations, but it is also somehow sacred in its privacy. It’s not the place for shopping. Or is it?

Bargain-hunting from the bathroom stall

Recent statistics reveal that 75% of Americans use their phones in the bathroom. At least, that’s how many will admit to it. It’s true that much of this time is devoted to visiting Facebook, checking email, and finding answers to random (often useless) trivia. It’s also true that some of this time is, in fact, devoted to shopping.

The bathroom is no longer an advertising-free or shopping-free zone. Crucial to this transition is the agency of the consumer. He ushers the marketing world into his previously private spaces and therefore does not see the presence of these advertisements, or products as encroaching on his right to privacy. He sees himself as having control over his bathroom-shopping-binge. And so he binges.

Moving past computers

The bathroom is, of course, not the only place consumers use mobile devices for shopping. I use this example simply to illustrate the new range of accessibility you can take advantage of when seeking to expose your product or ideas. It’s no surprise that consumers can just as easily shop on their phone from their backyard, or sitting on the bus, or even simultaneously with a shopping trip in real life.

Within the past few years, mobile media usage has outstripped desktop/laptop usage. Mobile apps, in particular, have skyrocketed in popularity, with about 89% of monthly mobile media being consumed through apps, and a modest 11% being consumed through the mobile web. These trends show no signs of slowing down. The value of a sleek, functional app then, is not to be underestimated.

Earn credibility with a beautiful app

Whereas once upon a time, an inconvenient, unsightly, or poorly designed app or mobile website might have been a mere blemish on the face of your otherwise flawless brand, now it could profoundly damage your brand’s credibility. Given the ubiquity and frequency of mobile usage, there are more and more consumers who equate the value of a brand with the way that its app appears.

If the app version of your site or product does not look good or function well, your consumers might never get a chance to see how nice the desktop version looks. This means that, while you might have put a great deal of effort into making your desktop website look shiny and beautiful, it’s likely you won’t see results until the mobile app looks just good.

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