The Greatest Lead Generation Practice

17August 2020

The Greatest Lead Generation Practice

Lead generation is an integral part of any business for overall growth and development. Lead generation is the process of creating interest in your company through “leads.”  This interest comes in many forms including career applications, surveys, social networking, and email marketing tactics.

However, perhaps the most productive lead generation practice comes from something easily at your disposal: yourself. The greatest lead generation practice is networking, both physically and through technology.

What is networking?

Networking is the process of connecting with an individual and creating a framework for potential clients. This process also involves the creation of relationships that can further your business. Networking not only includes potential clients but can also include past co-workers and other business professionals. These individuals can be important to you by furthering your reputation. There are two types of networking to discuss: physical and tech. Physical networking comes in the form of various opportunities such as social events, group meetings, and conferences. This process can involve introducing yourself, discussing your business, discussing your various projects and your ideas and aspirations. You may find others who share your goals that you can connect with and offer your services to. That in itself is the basis of networking.

Tech Networking

As discussed, physical networking involves personal interaction face to face with potential clients and other business owners. On the other side of the spectrum is tech networking which uses the technology at our disposal. This technology includes such outlets as social media, email, and television. Social media is booming. With this growth comes social media marketing which includes networking through the internet and on social media apps and websites. This may involve email discussions, Skype meetings, and virtual group chats, all of which can take place in different areas all over the world.

Tech Networking v. Physical Networking

So which option is best? Tech networking and physical networking should work hand in hand. Face to face networking is personal. Speaking to someone in person creates a relationship outside of technology, which gives your company a face. Physical networking creates a presence for your company. When networking, you are generating leads by selling yourself and what you have to offer. What better way to “sell” yourself than through face to face interaction? Once the initial relationship is made, technology is a great way to stay in touch with the potential client. Social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook can help you create a framework for these individuals while email will help you discuss ideas, sell your product or simply update your circle about a new project.

It is important to understand the differences between tech and physical networking so you may use both to your advantage. It is crucial to use every outlet that is out there to maximize your audience and create more opportunities for your business. From emailing a potential client regarding your pricing strategy to having coffee to consult with them regarding their needs, the two types of networking should work together seamlessly.

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