The Easiest Video Marketing Strategy

17August 2020

The Easiest Video Marketing Strategy

You’ve decided to venture into the world of video marketing for your business. Video marketing is a creative and productive way to relay your company’s message to your audience. By using a visually stimulating video, your message can be heard without your audience having to do anything but listen.  However, a commercial seems a bit long for your needs, and the software seems daunting to use. You do not have the resources to hire a full crew, but you are a beginner without any experience. Lucky for you (and your business), there is a relatively new development: micro video marketing.

What is micro video marketing?

Micro video marketing is video marketing on a much smaller scale. Take, for example, a three-minute video discussing your business and turn it into a ten to thirty-second clip. This is micro video marketing. These tiny videos span in lengths under a minute long. Social media apps such as Twitter’s Vine and Instagram allow users to create video clips and post them without much hassle. Simply relay your message and post for your audience to see.

What are the benefits?

Perhaps the most important benefit of micro video marketing is the ease of use. As stated, social media apps and simple video editing mobile apps have easy to understand interfaces that are super user friendly. Some of these apps come equipped with video editing tools such as cropping of the video, text creation, and color filters. You do not have to be an expert to use this small scale software. Another important benefit is the cost. Social media apps are mostly free of charge including Instagram and Vine. Although some of the video editing apps may have a fixed cost, these are usually small. These apps come with upgrade options as well to meet all of your needs.

A Broader Audience

If those benefits were not enough, imagine the audience. Social media is growing daily. New apps are being created and new technology is being invented. These apps work with mobile devices as well, which are the future. Social media reaches a much broader audience than your average web search. Everyone you know uses some form of social media or email app or software. For example, a ten-second video on Instagram will reach your audience as they scroll through their feed. Make it visually appealing and they may become curious. Make them curious and they may seek out your product or service. That is the potential power of this marketing strategy.

It is important to have a flawless marketing strategy for your company or business. This strategy will determine how you reach your potential clients or customers and also affects your overall reputation. Micro video marketing is a simple way to enhance your marketing strategy without extra resources, more precious time, and time-consuming complications. Micro video marketing keeps you and your company relevant by being up to date with new technology and advances. Micro video marketing is becoming extremely popular and should be used to your company’s advantage.

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