The #1 Best Tip for Email Marketing

17August 2020

The #1 Best Tip for Email Marketing

Email marketing may seem as if it has taken a back seat ever since social media marketing took over the business world. However, email marketing is still effective in its ability to be personal. Email marketing creates an intimate conversation between you and the reader by bringing your message to them directly through the email inbox. Whether it is on their smartphone, home computer, or tablet, your audiences’ inbox is always open.

The importance of email marketing is now obvious. So, what is the best email marketing practice? The best practice for email marketing is simply this: Be personal.

You Are Not an Automated Machine

Your emails should be unique and personal each time. New content is important for new audience growth and development of your market. The same old sales pitch content may work for some, but the majority will appreciate the fresh and new. You should not act as if you are an automated machine, sending out the same email once a week. This content will grow tired and so will your audience. Simply switching up the wording and adding an update will make a large impact on your email marketing tactics.

Find Your Voice

Your voice is just as important as your niche. For example, a musician looking for new gigs will not send out an itemized list of their talents. Instead, they may send out a new video via email that will showcase those talents with a personal message. A graphic designer will not send out simple links and words about their new project. Instead, they could send a visually stimulating email describing the new project in a very personal tone, while showcasing their graphical ability. This part is the creative part and allows room for that creative spark. An inspired email will inspire your audience. Your voice should be inspiring.

Timing Is Everything

An email sent out at 2 a.m. will not be as effective as one sent at 2 p.m. Not only should your emails be personal, but they should be sent at opportune times. Just as a radio station plays the most popular songs at rush hour, you should send your most important emails during the most important times of the day. If your business is a restaurant, for example, you could send new menu items during the lunch hour rush. Or, an online boutique could send their new items or sale information via email early on Black Friday. Timing should be personal.

Simply put, the best practice is to be personal. Change up your emails. Add a letter to your audience. Discuss your exciting new changes and projects. Add photos or perhaps a video. Creativity is an integral part of marketing, and it is completely at your disposal. Email marketing is rumored to be fizzling out. However, email is one of the top ways of communicating across the globe. If you want to be successful, you should take what technology has to offer and use it to your advantage.

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