How to Use Retargeting as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

8October 2019

How to Use Retargeting as Part of Your Marketing Strategy


Did you know there’s an easy way to market your business to people who are already interested in what you have to offer?

With millions of people scrolling their social feeds every day, the potential to attract new leads on social media platforms is enormous! And in times when businesses connect with their audience on Facebook, Instagram and the likes, you can take your marketing campaign one step further and aim to connect with people who have already engaged with your brand and are most likely to make a purchase!

It’s called retargeting and this is how it works.

1. Step #1: Facebook retargeting starts with a Pixel

In order to re-market your products or services, you need to install the Facebook pixel. The Pixel is a little piece of code that allows you to “tag” anyone who has been to your website so that you can launch a retargeting ad campaign and know exactly who are the people that you’ll be retargeting.

2. Step #2: Create a custom audience for your campaign

Once your Pixel is installed and active, you can start tracking various events on your website and create your custom audience(s). Facebook gives you the amazing opportunity to find out who has landed your homepage, who has browsed through your website but then left, who has initiated the checkout process but abandoned their cart before making a purchase, etc. Everyone who is an “almost customer” can be added to a custom audience. Once you create yours, you can immediately start your retargeting ad campaign and aim to close more sales!

3. Step #3: Remind your leads about your brand

Gaining people’s trust is one of the most important goals of a business, regardless if you’re retargeting to new leads or to those who failed to convert. Because social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are very popular among internet users today, you have the opportunity to build trust with potential leads by simply being present on their timelines. That in mind, by reminding your prospects about your brand through a retargeting campaign, you can easily promote your products and your services locally to people who have already heard about your business and thus, skyrocket your conversion rates and number of sales in no time.

4. Step #4: Don’t let potential customers get away. Sell, sell, sell!

With retargeting, you’ll be able to connect with your warm leads anytime and anywhere. But more importantly, you’ll be able to reach out to prospects whenever they’re free to engage. If someone was too busy during the day to make a purchase on your website, they’ll likely be reminded about it once they’re at home, relaxed and casually scroll through their feed to see your ad. Over the last few years, this has become a conventional pastime and there’s no doubt that it provides businesses like yours an attractive opportunity to re-engage with warm leads.


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