Facebook Ads FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How long does the campaign build take?
Our campaigns take 1-2 weeks to build out. Once the campaigns are built and approved, we can go live.

2. Do I need to pay both setup and month one’s service fee together? 

Both are charged on the same day when purchasing the service.For PPC campaigns there is usually a 1-2 week gap from the day you purchase the campaign, to the day it actually goes live. This is the time it takes for our team to build out the entire campaign for you.

So, for your second months recurring payment we delay that, so you get the full 30 days of service for your month number one’s payment.

So, as an example, if you purchased services on the 1st of the month, you would pay for both the setup fee and month number one’s service fee.

Then when we finish the campaign build-out on say the 14th of the month (2 weeks later), your second months maintenance payment would be billed on the 14th of the following month, 30 days apart from the initial day the campaign went live.

3. For lead generation campaigns, how does I get my leads? 

There are a couple ways in which you can view the leads from the campaign.If a call tracking service was purchased, all phone calls would auto populate as a lead inside the dashboard under the Lead Flow page.

If a funnel is built on click funnels (($97/month), all form submissions for the leads would auto populate as a lead inside the dashboard under the Lead Flow page.

If we’re building the funnel (separate service), then you would get a notification email every time an opt-in lead (form) is submitted.

4. Does the setup fee include a Funnel?
No, funnels are a separate fee. You can purchase this service from our
Funnel Building service.
5. Do I need to purchase call tracking separately?
Yes, call tracking is a completely separate service. You would need to purchase this separately. For service-based lead generation campaigns, we highly recommend purchasing call tracking. If you do not use a service right
now you can use CallRail or LeadOwl. 
If not, our team will not be able to track call conversions, which is the most important conversion that’s needed when running an ads campaign.If call tracking is not purchased, our Ads experts working on the account are flying blind.

6. Will I have access to the ad accounts while you work on them? 

Yes, for sure! We recommend that you add your account into our Facebook Business Manager account. This way you maintain control of the ad spend 
and the audiences are part of your data collected from the Facebook Ads 
that can be used for other campaigns.
7. What is intelligent budget and bid pacing? 

Once a campaign is live, our system will take the first couple of weeks to start gathering data and metrics in real-time. Based on hundreds of data points, our system will then automatically adjust the bidding throughout the day to save money on the ad spend and optimize the service.Also, taking the same data points into consideration, our system will also automatically shift the budget around to the best performing campaigns, ad sets, images/videos and ads.

We’ll also be able to auto optimize your campaign based off best performing days of the week, hours of the day and so much more.This will drastically lower your  cost per lead over time.

8. Do I get reports? 

You can always login to your dashboard and view the campaign metrics on the Facebook Ads tab. You will also get real-time, email notifications every time someone on our team completes a task on the account.Aside from dashboard reporting, you’ll also receive a monthly report during the first week of the following month.

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