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10 Instagram Tools to Help You Build Your Following in 2018

What do the world's best brands and most successful influencers have in common? One comonality is a massive Instagram following that can be…
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4 Google Display Network Strategies That Can Increase Your Return on Investment

The following excerpt is from Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes and Bryan Todd’s book Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Buy it now from Amazon…
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10 Online Marketers to Watch in 2018

Online marketing requires experience, creativity and a working knowledge of the latest trends and technologies necessary to stay competitive in the modern landscape. And…
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Better Marketing, Better Sales: 5 Marketing Don’ts From Papa John’s

Papa John’s is one of America’s most prominent pizza restaurant chains, with advertisements appearing during NFL broadcasts, known for its slogan of “Better…
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5 Reasons Personal Branding is Non-Negotiable for 2018

Why is everyone all of a sudden trying to become LinkedIn-famous? Is anyone else tired (like me) of reading about all of the…
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Show ’em What You Got: 7 Tools to Break Into Visual Marketing

Not too long ago, experts predicted that the online marketing space would be too competitive for run-of-the-mill content. Think about it for a second.…
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Automatic Insights: How AI and Machine Learning Improve Customer Service

Artificial intelligence, or AI, iallows computer systems to automatically recognize and perform certain jobs that formerly would have required human intervention. If you've…
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The Road Ahead for Influencer Marketing: 2018 and Beyond

Influencer marketing has expanded exponentially over the past several years -- it's now four times its size just two years ago. As such,…
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7 Questions to Determine Whether Your Ad Is Ready for the Big Time

The following excerpt is from Perry Marshall, Keith Krance and Thomas Meloche’s book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. Buy it now from Amazon…
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So Your Subscription Box Is Successful

It's no secret that subscription businesses are hot, but Hitwise's 2017 whitepaper on the subscription industry measures just how popular they are: The U.S. subscription…
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