6 Great Benefits of Using Google Ads to Market Your Business

7October 2019

6 Great Benefits of Using Google Ads to Market Your Business

If you’re looking to sell more of your products & services online and bring more traffic to your website, launching a Google Ads campaign may be the ideal solution.

While the idea of spending money on the former “AdWords” may seem daunting, the results that come in are instantaneous and should help you increase your profits right away.

That in mind, here’s why Google Ads are worth considering.


  1. Google Ads deliver immediate results

One of the best things about Google Ads is that they can start delivering results as soon as you launch your ad campaign. If SEO takes months to see tangible results, an ad campaign can start attracting new leads almost immediately.

  1. Google Ads increase brand awareness

In addition to attracting new leads, an Ads campaign is a great way to reach new people and tell them about your business. Advertising an offer through Google allows you to increase brand awareness and reach out to people who are now first hearing about your business.

  1. Google Ads help you reach more customers

Before online ads became popular, there was word of mouth. And mass media. But now, you can reach a myriad new customers by simply writing a compelling ad copy and optimizing your ads so that they’ll show up whenever someone searches for a term that’s profitable to your business. It’s easy, it’s fast and, best of all, it’s cost effective.

  1. Google Ads allow you to remarket your products or services

Did you know you can remarket to anyone who was interested enough to browse your website but failed to convert? The concept of remarketing is simple: if someone has landed on your website, but failed to contact you or make a purchase, you can reconnect with these leads and remind them about your brand. At the same time, a remarketing campaign allows you to target all your warm leads, but not run ads for those who have already converted.

  1. Google Ads’ performance is measurable

Did you know Google Ads allow you to find out exactly what happened with your ads? You can gather all sorts of important data from your campaign, like the number of impressions (how many people saw your ad), number of clicks (how many people clicked on your ad and were directed to your landing page), ad spend (how much money you’ve spent on your ads) and – most importantly – number of conversions! All this helps you understand what worked and what didn’t so that you can tweak your ad campaigns to perform better.

  1. Google Ads are a great way to outrun your competitors

Are you reluctant to investing part of your marketing budget on Ads? Keep in mind that your competition is already doing it! And if someone is looking for something related to your business, but you aren’t running ads, that means you could be losing that client to your competition. Keeping an eye on your competitors is possible though. The Google Ads system allows you to see how others are promoting their business so that you can know what to do differently and stand out from the crowd!


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