11 Secrets of Local SEO Success: A comparison between the top 3 ranking search engines

17August 2020

Cont. from: 11 Secrets of Local SEO Success: Trend and changes in Google algorithm

A comparison between the top 3 ranking search engines

Google, Yahoo and Bing top the list of search engines.  But which one do you use for the best search results?

Well, the first and most important point to remember is how many people use a search engine at a given moment in time? It has been estimated that 64.5% of all internet searches are done via Google, 12.8% by Yahoo and 19.8% by Bing.

That is not the only thing you are considering, while Yahoo and Bing have lagged behind in developing tools that are helpful to internet searches, google has developed algorithms that work fantastically to enable searches with ease. For instance, panda and penguin enable web content to be accessed in their original and most practical forms. Simply put, Bing and Yahoo algorithms cannot compare to googles’.

Content is a major player in all internet searches. That is why it is crucial to engage a search engine that will provide you will as much content as is possible. That is what probably has put google in the lead. Because many users prefer to use google allied websites, most relevant content is found on google.

If you are looking to do an SEO that will have an impact, it is best to use the most powerful tool. You will be looking at high quality assurance, a wide customer outreach, searches that are most relevant to your product and endless links to social network tools to promote your website. Consider it.

Cont. to: 11 Secrets of Local SEO Success: Secrets to successful local Search Engine Optimization

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