If you want to be your own person then you will need to learn how to follow your heart. We all have those tugs and feelings that pull at our hearts, telling us where we want to go. Having the strength to follow them is different case altogether. In order to follow your heart you […]

One of the things that makes us human is our ability to solve problems. After all, if we couldn’t solve problems with some modicum of success, we probably wouldn’t be here. After all, life can be a series of problems. (Depending on the day, some people might say that life IS a series of problems.) […]

Have you ever dreamed about working from home? More and more people make the switch every year, and this trend is not likely to stop anytime soon. If your job mostly involves working on a computer there is really no need to drive into an actual office every day, since you can do the same […]

One of the reasons why any type of relationship fails is due to lack of communication. This can also be applied when looking for ways to lead a good family life together. If your communication skills are lacking then the entire family may be unhappy and feel alone.

Have you ever noticed now your feelings can affect your daily habits? For example if you grew up in a home where your parents always argued, you may develop a fear of relationships. You may think it is perfectly normal for adults to constantly argue. If you have been surrounded by money issues, then this […]

As you know it takes willpower, discipline and good habits to really get the most out of life. All three of these things work together and while this may sound simple, it is not always that easy.

We often associate authors with fame and fortune. That’s because the media follows the exploits and lives of “celebrity” authors. This is what we’re exposed to and that’s what forms our opinions.

A setback is just that – you get set back. A setback keeps you from moving forward. It temporarily stops you from achieving your goals. It’s an inconvenience. It’s a problem, and it very likely ticks you off.

When it comes to your home life listening to your family is extremely important. While you may think that you do listen, you can be so accustomed to your family that you aren’t listening with both ears.

How would you like to improve your adventurous streak? While adventurousity may not be a word, I love the sound of it, don’t you? As with any personal trait that you are trying to improve using affirmations and quotes can really be beneficial to you. They can even be used to pump yourself up to […]