Carrie Langevin Owner, Mother Earth Essentials; Council member, Métis Women’s Council on Economic Security Photograph Ryan Girard Alberta Venture: Your business, Mother Earth Essentials, is influenced by your grandmother and great grandmother, who was a medicine woman in the Lac Ste. Anne area. How did that happen? “At 18, I knew I wanted to have […]

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Studies show that most New Year’s resolutions flop a month or less after we make them. Gyms all over the country are banking on it. They have far less capacity than the year-round passes they sell to strivers who begin the year intent on changing their shape, but who give up after a few weeks […]

If you are late to the game in making your New Year’s resolutions, I have an idea for you: Don’t do it. New Year’s resolutions may be as old as the Babylonian empire, but that doesn’t mean they are very effective. Millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year, but research says most of […]

In this episode, you’ll discover: You can read the full transcript here.

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In this episode, you’ll discover: How being generous affects your marriage (including the bedroom) The surprising power of gifts (given properly) to grow personally and professionally You can read the full transcript here.

Pettiness is a word that is on the way out. Google Books shows its usage down sharply since the middle of the 1960s, and many people have a hard time getting a handle on it today. That’s a shame because it’s an important term. It may be impossible to understand much of our recent public […]

Exchange and gift-giving have been a part of everyday human behavior since the dawn of mankind. So, it should be no surprise that these activities are also part of holiday celebrations—such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Eid Al-Adha. Many of us remember the excitement of wondering what presents Santa Claus—or, as we discovered later, our parents […]